RNTD is currently in the alpha stage and may contain bugs or other issues. Please use caution when using the platform and report any issues to our customer support team.

Trust is a critical factor in any financial transaction, especially in NFTs. That's why we have taken several measures to ensure that RNTD is secure and trustworthy:

We use a decentralized architecture, meaning all transactions are processed and stored on the blockchain. This makes it impossible for any single party to manipulate the data or control the flow of funds.

We use smart contract technology to automate the rental process. This ensures that all transactions are transparent and secure and eliminates the need for any intermediaries.

If you analyze our bulletproof renting process, you will find that there is no chance to hack, fraud, or steal any NFT or fees from our system.

When a user lists his NFT on our platform, he also will set renting parameters (rent fee and availability duration ) on-chain. During the listing duration, the NFT will still belong to the lender, and the only way to transfer the NFT through RNTD is by paying the rent fee according to the listing parameters.

The rented NFT will be locked in RNTD rental smart wallet. Neither the lender nor the renter will be able to sell or transfer the NFT, the lock will automatically unlock upon the end of the rent duration, at that time, only the lender can recall his NFT to his wallet.

The accumulative rent fee will be kept inside the RNTD Router and only the lender himself can withdraw their funds.

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