Integrate with other projects

RNTD is currently in the alpha stage and may contain bugs or other issues. Please use caution when using the platform and report any issues to our customer support team.

  1. Click on the profile icon, then choose MANAGE RENTLA WALLETS

  1. Select the rental wallet that has active renting

  1. Open the dApp or website you wish to integrate with, in this tutorial, we will use Opensea to show the ownership of the rental wallet to the NFT, from OpenSea login using WalletConnect

  1. Copy the QR Code

  1. Paste it and click Connect

  1. A request from OpenSea appears to connect with our wallet, click on Approve

  1. Click on Accept and sign from the OpenSea side.

  1. The login message will appear on the RNTD side. You need to click on Approve.

  1. The received login message will be sent to your MetaMask to get signed. After signing, the message will log in to the OpenSea side

  1. The login is successful. You can see from the profile the account address is the same rental address, and you can see the rented nft in the profile. But for sure, you can not list or sell on OpenSea or any other NFTs marketplaces.

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